Sellin - Pearl of Spa Architecture
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Sellin Pier
Sellin Pier
Sellin Pier
diving gondola
Diving gondola Sellin Pier
The baltic resort Sellin has its own charm. The magnificent boulevard Wilhelmstraße leads up to the high cliff and the Sellin pier under lime trees, past cafés and boutiques. A lot of houses are built in Spa architecture. Various excursion boats are daily starting from the pier to the white chalk cliffs or to the baltic resorts Binz and Göhren. With the diving gondola you can take a dive to the sea bottom of the baltic sea.
Schwimmbad Inselparadies
Water park "Inselparadies"
Strand Sellin - Copyright telemarco/pixelio
Sellin Beach
Bäderarchitektur Copyright telemarco/pixelio
Spa architecture in the Wilhelmstreet
Sellin has two lovely beaches: the Northern beachfront starts directly at the famous pier below the wooded cliff. Over the "stairway to heaven" or an elevator you reach the beach. The Sellin Southern beach is broad and stone-free. Nestled in the bay and suited ideally for swimming, the Southern beach is the actual "bathtub" of Sellin. Besides you can use the water park Water park Inselparadies.

Close to Sellin you will find the very large forest "Granitz". Wonderful pedestrian walkways lead to the baltic resort Binz, the mysterious black lakeHunting Lodge Granitz.

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